The National Council for Technical Education Act, 1997 places the following statutory requirements on tertiary technical education institutions:

4.1    Registration

There is a need for the public to be guaranteed that a technical education institution is a legal and viable entity and that it has enough resources and teaching facilities to provide what it claims to be able to offer.

All technical institutions therefore, both public and private, are required to register with NACTE by filling in prescribed registration forms. The forms are designed to indicate the legality and viability of the registrant institution as an entity. Registration is a precursor step to accreditation.

4.2    Accreditation

Accreditation is the approval or certification granted by NACTE representing interests of both the public and students, to an institution, on account of having programmes and a quality assurance system that ensures provision of set of qualification(s) and educational standard(s) for a particular period of time.

For an institution to be allowed to provide NACTE’s National Technical Awards (NTAs), it will need to undergo accreditation. Accreditation is an approval of an institution by NACTE to act as a provider of National Technical Awards. Accreditation will focus on institutional matters such as academic management, procedures for quality control and assurance, staffing policies, resources of equipment, etc. and will have to be renewed every five years.

4.3    Recognition

This is a process through which NACTE satisfies itself that a department within an accredited technical institution can deliver a curriculum designed or approved by NACTE. Recognition focuses on matters such as staffing, procedures for quality control and assurance, teaching and learning strategies, library, etc. The tenure of recognition is five years.

4.4    Validation

This is a process through which NACTE satisfies itself that an existing curriculum or one designed by an institution meets the requirements of one of its awards and thus may be adopted for the delivery of a course programme. All existing curricula used by technical institutions in the delivery of course programmes will have to be validated by NACTE before they are allowed to continue being used or adopted for the delivery of course programmes leading to the National Technical Awards. The validation is valid for five years after which it may be renewed after a positive review.


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